5 Tips for Honing the Right Pitch for Business Insurance

It’s hard to sell. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice just starting out in the world of insurance, we can agree on that point. Insurance can be expensive, and has virtually not material characteristics to it. What you are selling is promises, ideas, and trust. And you have to be good at it to sell it, particularly to businesses, which pay significantly more for any kind of insurance than individuals do. Here are five tips to help you sharpen your pitch.


Invest in Yourself

You need to look and sound confident about what you’re selling. Not only that, you should match what you’re selling. That may sound odd, but what this means is that there’s a difference between a $500 per year insurance policy and a $5000 per year policy, and the businesses interested in either will expect a certain appearance. You might be able to get away with nice jeans and a collared shirt with the company interested in the $500 insurance policy. But the company looking at the $5000 insurance policy isn’t going to take you seriously if you show up in that same outfit. Look the part of what you’re selling. Confidence comes from the outside in.


Keep the Language Simple

Your policy pitch should be as simple as possible. Don’t try to impress your clients with jargon; they want and need to understand the benefits of the policy as it will apply to them and their employees—in their language. A lot of insurance agents think that jarhon equals knowledge in the eyes of the buyer, but that’s not the case. If the buyer doesn’t understand what you’re selling, why they need it, and how they can use it, they’ll walk away.


Add Life to It

Insurance isn’t like land or a car; make your potential clients picture what they’re buying in their minds. Create scenarios and show your potential clients through their imaginations how different insurance policies will affect them in these scenarios. You know that not every policy is created equal. Help your clients grasp that idea too, as that will will help them choose the right policy. They’ll also understand the satisfaction they’ll get from having a policy to protect them, their employees, and their business.


Speak Less, Listen More

To be blunt, you have two ears and one mouth. You need to step back every once in awhile and listen to the concerns of your potential clients. Stop trying to pitch to them and just listen to what they need. This will give you an opportunity to answer their questions and share your knowledge in the field. Only by knowing their worries can you tailor your pitch so the policy is a solution to their concerns.


Identify Buying Signals

As you get more experienced selling insurance policies, you start to pick up nonverbal cues that indicate the buyer’s’ interest. Learn to identify that intuitive language. If you don’t know that certain body language means the buyer is put-off by your words, you could lose a sale. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because you don’t know body language.



Sharpening your sales pitch (or even creating one, if you’re just starting out) doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Use these five tips to up your game and sell more. Be flexible and coachable, and success will be right around the corner.