How to Use Instagram to Boost Search Rankings

The power of social media can’t be denied. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, averaging about 700 million active users monthly. With the right engagement, you can use this social media giant to boost your search rankings.


How Will It Actually Help in Search Rankings?

As millions of people use Instagram, millions of photos are shared and liked daily. There’s an ocean of potential consumers to attract. Instagram does not allow for easy linking to your website landing pages, so focus on brand recognition and setting yourself apart from others. If you brand correctly on Instagram in a way that matches professional designs on your website, your social media following can still be a significant source of web leads despite the link challenge Instagram has created. Those leads, even if they are not generated through traditional linking, will still have a significant impact on your search rankings – especially if on-site engagement is effective. In this way, Instagram functions a bit like print magazine ads more than typical social SEO. What does powerful branding on Instagram look like in practice? Here are a few actionable ideas:


Make Your Pictures Count

You can’t just post anything to your account when you’re trying to stand out of the crowd. Selecting the right photographs means everything. For example, doTERRA’s Instagram makes masterful use of professional images to drive engagement and release product-related news. You want those visiting your page to recognize who you are and what you do. Again, message match is extremely important here. These photographs are not just pretty – they create an emotional tone that is consistent across doTERRA’s web presence.

Optimize images prior to sharing. Make sure they’re clear and well-lit. Also, when you post is as important as to what you post. Become aware of when your followers are most active, especially if they are from different countries and time zones.


Don’t Neglect (or Misuse) the Hashtag

A hashtag seems like such a basic tool, but it is one that too many often ignore or abuse. Through using the proper hashtags, your shared photos will show up to the right people. Get knowledgeable about the most popular hashtags. There is an auto-complete feature that shows you some of the most used ones.

At the same time, consider using less competitive tags and even come up with a customized one to personalize your brand. Trying to get your images to stand out against a hashtag that already has 10 million photos can be tough compared to using a tag that maybe has a couple thousand. Going with one that is popular enough yet not overwhelming is a good tactic as well.

Be cautious with how many hashtags you use though. Too little runs the risk of not capturing the right audience, while too much runs the risk of making your description too busy.
If you’re trying to generate your business or brand higher in the search rankings, working Instagram properly is one of the best routes to go on. Through proper engagement, you can capture a wide audience and build awareness in what you want to sell.